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August 1, 2014_spare parts Fine Arts Fair at Wonderland of the Americas_PRESS Release

To further its mission, spare parts founder Mary Elizabeth Cantú is now a certified Master Reuser under the Reuse Alliance—the first person in San Antonio to earn this designation.

To further its mission, spare parts founder Mary Elizabeth Cantú is now a certified Master Reuser under the Reuse Alliance—the first person in San Antonio to earn this designation.

July 26, 2013_spare parts Fine Arts Fair at Wonderland of the Americas_PRESS Release

Art & Science Forge Together to Launch Community Partnership:_spare parts & 10BitWorks Hackerspace_Fall 2012

spare parts main objective:
Connect with various agencies/businesses & provide a steady supply of materials (otherwise thrown away) for the artistic community & educators. This will increase the creative & cultural energy of San Antonio.

paving the path By Erin Eggers and Marissa Villa / Conexion 2012

spare parts supports:

The concept behind spare parts was developed in 2010 by Mary Elizabeth Cantu & responds to: a noted lack of creativity in K-12 classroom (The Creativity Crisis, Newsweek, July 2010); City of San Antonio’s “Creating a Pathway to Zero Waste” 10-year plan (Solid Waste Management Department, June 2010); dramatic budget cuts at state level for arts education programming (Legislative Budget  2012-2013 Biennium); an increase in art degree offerings (International Academy of Design & Technology-2009, The Art Institute of San Antonio-2010, Southwest School of Art Bachelor of Fine Arts degree offering-2013); and a thriving arts & cultural community that makes a positive impact on the economy- $3.83 billion per year (Strategic Alliance for Business and Economic Research Institute and City of San Antonio study, 2006).

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